Changing DNS servers when upgrading

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    Hello All,
    I am waiting to hear back from WordPress support but I thought I’d give the forums a try. First of all, I love WordPress!

    Now, my problem:

    I have my domain name at another hosting site and it’s fine there. It is pointed to my blog at I have just purchased the Value Bundle which includes domain mapping. That’s cool. But,here’s the thing, I don’t quite understand what to do with changing the DNS servers at my domain registar. I have emailed them and they don’t seem to get it either. I was hoping that WordPress support could sort it out.

    What has been your experience. Keep in mind, this is new to me and does not make sense. How would you solve this problem?


    The blog I need help with is



    You’ll need to follow this guide to map your domain here:

    The nameservers will need to be changed as detailed, but due to differences between many registrars, we cannot help with that.

    If your registrar cannot help you change the nameservers on your own domain, you may want to consider transferring your domain to another registrar.


    The instructions do not make sense. I do not know where to go to change the nameservers. I can try to compare what it’s like at other hosting services. The one I have now is NameSecure and I do not see where I would access this.

    Assuming I do switch out the nameservers with the three WordPress servers, assuming I get that far, what is the domain I should use? I mean, at, do I go ahead and enter the domain name I am expecting: my current name without the attachment? Do that now or after the nameserver switch?

    I hope this is much easier than it seems. Will WordPress Support help me?


    I have found where to edit the DNS servers. I am hesitant to do this but it looks like I just type the three nameservers and submit.

    So, after that, I should go ahead and commit to typing in the same domain name at, correct?

    Lastly, my plans are to remain and grow with If, in the future, I should decide to go with self-hosting, that should be fine too, right? I think the safest thing to do now is keep it as simple as possible, considering how much difficulty I’m having just with changing nameservers.


    OK, I’ve been coming back to this while doing other things and… worked!

    So, if anyone else out there is unsure of what to do, what finally got me in the right direction was comparing how other registars handled it and then just diving in. I look forward to more and more stuff to do with WordPress! Bring it on!

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