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Changing DNS to 3rd party hosting...still nothing

  1. thriftyvintagechic

    So I bought a hosting package with godaddy and looked up the dns info:
    I plugged this into Automattic where the domain sits via purchased from and pointed to the godaddy dns info.
    its been 48 hrs so far and i still get a landing page

    Did I miss something else? Who can i contact at that can check and see if all is done correctly.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Here's the contact link for Staff

  3. In a whois search, your domain is pointing at the DNS servers you reference: , so it might be that there is another setting or something that needs to be made. Contact staff as TT suggests.

    Also, have you set things up with godaddy and listed your domain name there and linked it to your account? Have you installed and configured the wordpress software at godaddy?

  4. thriftyvintagechic

    Thanks TT and TSP,
    I sent in a trouble ticket to the WP staff. Hopefully they reply quickly.
    To answer your questions TSP, yes name is listing in the godaddy account and yes ive installed wordpress using their one click install program.

    I guess i have to wait another day perhaps. Lets see!

  5. Hi,ar you test with another dns, like a ?

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