Changing Domain Mapping / Wrong Blog Selected

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    I have have several wordpress blogs – say and

    I have just registered a domain – say – through that I wanted to use for one of my blogs – say for

    But now it points to the wrong blog, namley to

    How can I change this?

    Thanks in advance, I know I’m a noob!



    You should have a “refund” option in the shop section, which will allow you to get a refund for the mapping. I haven’t seen this, but if it lets you cancel the domain mapping and not the domain registration then you can simply get a refund and map the other domain.

    If it is not clear whether this will also cancel your domain registration don’t do it! In this case staff will have to move the mapping for you.



    I checked the shop section and there is a refund for domain regstration, valid for 48 hours.

    There does not seem to be an option to just cancel the mapping, as opposed to the domain registration.

    I am not sure what to do – it is somewhat urgent, since the blog that the domain is curently mapped too is a multiple user blog, so I am ruining it for a couple of people.

    Should I just get a refund for the whole domain-thing?


    OK I figured it out, and it was quite simple – in the upgrade section go to “My Upgrades”, in the relevant domain-upgrade select “Transfer to another site” which opened a drop down list of all my blogs. Whew. Quite simple, if you are not me.

    Thanks again, though.



    Funny.. I have the exact same problem. The staff tried to remap it for me and when doing so, they got rid of the blog I use and I panicked! They remapped it back but it’s wrong. It’s been very frustrating.


    inspirema – its solved for me; would this not work for you?



    It’s remapped to include my old blog name because when they got rid of the old name, all of my content and stats went missing. They remapped it back to the old name and all of my content and stats are back. I asked if there was a way to remap it correctly and keep my information but the person never replied back. I wish there was a “chat” option with Support.


    OK, now I am getting worried.

    The domain is now mapped onto my (private) blog as it should be.

    BUT: The address of my other blog i.e. now takes you to which takes you to

    This is really bad, as the is a shared blog which is now NOT available.

    Can anyone help please???



    DO NOT CANCEL your domain registration. If you do you may lose your domain; it will be released to the “free domain” pool and someone else could buy it.

    Since people are obviously having issues and confusing domain mapping with domain registration I will flag this thread for staff attention.


    Thanks – and sorry fo being so confused!

    I am all settled now. After I cleared the browser cache and waited a bit, everything worked out fine.



    glad to here it. I will remove the flag for staff!



    But mine is still mapped wrong. The staff tried to fix it but it didn’t work. Can somebody please remap mine without losing what I have? Thank you!



    OK I’ll flag for staff attention again!



    Thank you!




    Can you please list the domains/blog URLs here and explain how you want to see it working? I will take a closer look for you.


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