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Changing domain name

  1. benbrooksdutton

    I've just bought the value bundle which includes domain name & mapping. I've registered a domain name tonight but I want to change it without paying again. Is that possible? Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. benbrooksdutton

    Thanks but there's no advice on there about how to change the domain name, only how to cancel it which will undo all the work I've done on my blog

  3. You cannot edit a domain name. Is that what you are trying to do?

  4. benbrooksdutton

    Yes, I want to change it because the spelling is too complicated for it to be easily found

  5. Is this the domain in question?

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  7. benbrooksdutton

    Yes, I want to change it to

  8. benbrooksdutton


  9. Staff will assist you with this.

  10. Register and map to the SAME blog as is mapped to. When you get to the part about which domain is the Primary choose that will be the domain name that will be shown in the browser window.

    The old domain name you are using now will still go to the same place - but your visitors will see

    You can have more than one domain name mapped to a single blog - but only one domain name can be displayed

  11. benbrooksdutton

    Won't this charge me again though?

  12. Won't this charge me again though?

    yes you will need to pay again.

    there is only a 48 hour window for a refund on a domain name - that is an internet thing - if you are inside the 48 hours then just delete the custom domain name and get a refund - you could probably transfer the domain mapping to another domain name but that will break all the links to your first name - if you don't care about your first name then do that - me - I don't like to send my visitors and search engines into never never land

  13. I've moved the domain to your bundle, and refunded+canceled the previously registered domain.

    Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

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