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    Okay. I’m really confused. I noticed my domain name was spelled incorrectly (example: and I wanted to change it so that it was grammatically correct ( The problem is, it seems to have reset my dashboard, but not my domain.(So now my dashboard is but my blog still reads as And it started a new blog for me at And now I can’t fix the spelling mistake in my username, because it’s telling me that ‘fixed domain’ has already been taken….I know. BY ME!
    How do I sort this all out?
    Also, I paid an upgrade to have no ads and get the ‘worpress’ off of my domain name. Do I lose it all if I try to delete my old page to make a new page that is spelled correctly?
    I hope this makes sense. I’m very frustrated and probably not explaining myself as well as I should.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    I assume you’re referring to ?

    If so, this has unfortunately passed the 48-hour refund period on domains. and registered domains cannot be changed.

    You would need to register the desired domain as a new domain by adding it via Store -> Domains in the blog’s Dashboard.


    But now my blog url is and my blog still shows at How do I get those realigned?

    And your response is far from the answer I wish to hear, but thanks for such concise and clear information.


    Basically, when I tried to change my domain name to the correct spelling, now I have

    I want to get rid of the wordpress site; it has nothing on it. Can I do that and still keep, even though what I really want that to be is (and that’s what my dashboard reads as)



    You can change your URL ( but registered domain names ( cannot be changed.

    You’ll need to register the desired domain name separately by adding it via Store -> Domains in the blog’s Dashboard.


    I get what you’re saying- but I already tried to change it, and now I got stuck with an extra blog. ( and now show as TWO separate blogs). Can I delete without causing any harm to And then at the end of the year, when my payment for haleytheconquerer runs out, I will go to the Store and try to change it to the correct spelling then, I guess.


    Staff is currently mapped to

    Are you saying that you want to map it to instead?


    No. I am saying if you go to, you will see my actual blog (the one that maps to, which was what I was trying to make the actual domain name.)

    When I made this change, it also created as a NEW blog. One I don’t want or need. Can I delete that without deleting everything else?



    Yes, you can do that following this guide:


    Great. That got settled.

    Now as for changing my email and user name to the correct spelling (even though I can’t do it with the domain name). Every time I try it tells me “That email address is already being used” and “That user name is already being used”, but I am the one WITH that email and username. Yet, if I try to log in with the correct spelling of my username or email, it doesn’t register. How can I make meld the two?


    So…it looks like under “Users” in “Appearance”, I have two user names. Both are roles of administrator. I can sign in with either user name/email to get to my same dashboard.
    I want to delete the user name for haleytheconquerer and just keep haleytheconqueror. When I try to do so, I get this message:

    You have specified these users for removal:

    ID #36712829: haleytheconquerer The current user will not be removed.
    There are no valid users selected for removal.



    Hi there,

    I’d like to help you get this straightened out, but we’ll need to discuss the email addresses assigned to each of your user accounts. We never reveal users’ email addresses online, so I’m going to convert this forum ticket to an email ticket. You’ll receive an email message from me shortly ;-).

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