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Changing Drop-down Menu Parameters

  1. Sometimes, drop-down-menu CSS is a real puzzle to me. The cascading ul, li, ul, li, etc.. and how they relate to and effect each just seems weird. Anyway, there's a background i want for the hover for the main tear, and it's showing up for the second and third tier as well, which I don't want. Here's the applicable code. The image I'm speaking of is bkg_topMenuRoll.png. I didn't write the original code, so maybe something needs to be added.
    Thanks for any help anyone can offer!

    #menu-primary li a {
    		float: left;
    		padding: 6px 25px;
    		font: normal normal bold 12px/25px Arial,"Helvetica Neue",Helvetica,sans-serif;
    		text-transform: uppercase;
    		color: #1f2502;
    		#menu-primary li a:hover { background: url(images/bkg_topMenuRoll.png); }
    		#menu-primary li.current-menu-item a { background: url(images/bkg_topMenuRoll.png);
    	#menu-primary li li a {
    		margin: 0 15px;
    		padding: 6px 15px;
    		font-weight: normal;
    		text-transform: none;
    		color: #e7ece0;
    	#menu-primary li ul {
    		padding-bottom: 15px;
    		background: url(images/bkg_secondaryMenu.png);
    		border-bottom-right-radius: 5px;
    		border-bottom-left-radius: 5px;
    		text-transform:capitalize; }
    	#menu-primary li:hover ul,#menu-primary li.sfHover ul { top: 35px }
    	#menu-primary li:hover li ul,#menu-primary li.sfHover li ul { top: -999em }
    	#menu-primary li li:hover ul,#menu-primary li li.sfHover ul { top: 0 }
    	#menu-primary li li:hover {
    		background: url(images/bkg_secondaryMenuRoll.png)
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