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    I am a person who subscribed to a blog. I do not run one. I need to change my mail addy. But can find nowhere to do that. Help! How?


    You should be able to do that at the global dashboard since you clearly have a account, here



    good evening :)

    You don’t have a blog linked to your username and you didn’t provide a URL, however, if you are referring to a free hosted blog then the following applies.

    Your account and account are one in the same.

    You have two separate email address settings at

    Blog notifications for the admin (like comment moderation, Likes, new subscriptions, etc) are sent to the email address at Settings -> General in the Dashboard.

    Personal notifications (like comments on your post, subscription emails, and upgrade renewals) are sent to the email address at Users -> Personal Settings in the Dashboard.

    Try changing it at!/settings/ first.

    If that doesn’t work, then try Users -> Personal Settings in your blog’s Dashboard.

    Issues Changing your E-mail Address >

    Note: After the change you will receive an confirmation email. If you cannot locate it, be sure to check your spam/junk mail filter in your email client. If the confirmation link in the email does not work then copy and paste it into your upper browser bar and click.



    Thanks all!

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