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Changing existing website to blog format?

  1. Good morning....I am a WP blogger who found my way to set up my blog and even add some customization via CSS after a lot of trial and error. This is a hobby blog.

    It's time I change my business website (it hasn't been touched since I set it up in Front Page 11 years ago!) and I was wondering about changing the website format to a blog format and do the site administration myself since I've long since retired my copy of FP which explains why I haven't changed the website since 2000. Since the business we operate does not require a shopping cart or much other than brochure information, FB plugin, Googlemaps, etc. is this a good idea? I currently have Verio hosting the site and have my domain registered, but I wasn't really clear on how this all works if I were to switch it to a blog. We also have employee email linked to the .com website.

    I would be very happy to hire someone who could handle the process of getting it ready for me to just add the blog content. I tried to just add the blog name to WP and couldn't work through the elimination of .wordpress in the address. I'm not stupid, I've been running the business for 35 years and other things take priority and since this will never be a profession for me, I get frustrated trying to wade through the steps involved in simply changing over my website. I've tried hiring someone to update the website but have had a series of candidates who never seem to follow up. The IT company I employ to administer our business network does not do websites. I know the folks here seem to be very knowledgeable about WP and always eager to help.

    Thank you in advance. If this is not the appropriate place to place this question, I apologize.


  2. Will you please post an active link starting with http:// to the blog in question so we can try to help you?

    I tried to just add the blog name to WP and couldn't work through the elimination of .wordpress in the address.

    Howdy, this tool is temporarily disabled. Check back in a few days and we’ll have it all back to normal.

    Staff is working on these tools and they are not current available to users. When the work is done they will announce the reactivation of the tools.

  3. I am asking for help to make the total transition from website to blog by someone who is able to do what I need as a paid contractor. I don't have an interest in doing any part of it myself because I don't wish to spend my time unsorting all the steps. I only will choose the blog format and update it when necessary which I have done with my personal blog. I need a seamless transition from website to blog by a professional. Are there no folks in the forums that do this for income?

  4. Code Poet is a directory of WordPress professionals, web designers, and developers brought to you by Automattic, the company behind and the largest operator of WordPress sites (20 million and counting).

  5. Thank yo for the link, timethief. Am I reading correctly from Code Poet's site that the minimum to set up my website using them is $10K???

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