Changing font color and comments background?

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    I’ve purchased a custom font design upgrade but still it’s very unclear in all the WordPress help forums and tutorials how to simply change the color of my fonts.

    I dont know how to use CSS, and when I look for tutorials the are people using Theme Editors with CSS Templates, of which stangely I have no such option.. :(

    How on earth is this made so difficult? Is not changing the color of a font one of the most rudementry and simple nessesities required from any letter based online utility?

    Please have a look at my comments section on this page and you will see my dillema. The grey font fades in to the comment background graphic, which I also find impossible to change. Even if the font were any shade from black to white and in-between it would still get drowned in the background of the comments box.

    What can I do? Please someone must know..

    The blog I need help with is



    It really doesnt matter what the shade or color is of my font, that nasty background just had to go dont you think??



    I’m afraid this is why we never recommend the upgrade to people without CSS experience. There are only one or two volunteers who answer these kinds of questions. But with the upgrade, you’re entitled to staff help as long as you post to the CSS forum, so presumably one of them will be along in the next day or so and give you the answer.



    Thanks Raincoaster. If you dont recommend the upgrade to people without CSS experience, then surely the upgrade is not the only way to change the font color.

    I’m happy with plain grey, but the theme I’m using places a white/grey gradutaed speech bubble behind the comment text so much of the comments are masked and unreadable. It cant be that users who dont upgrade have to live with this annoyance.

    This must happen to a lot of people. I know there’s a simple answer. I eagerly await help thank you.



    The upgrade is not the only way, but it’s the best way. The other ways basically enable you to hand-code each paragraph. The problem is, we have seen lots of cases where people set their text to white, later switch themes to something with a white background, and poof, all their text is invisible.

    The simple answer is: change themes. I’m sorry there isn’t a simpler custom solution, but that’s how it is.



    Thanks again Raincoaster. Scary stuff.

    The theme chose my grey font and the theme chose the graduated grey speech bubble behind the comments, so ultimately the theme itself forced my hand to upgrade in order for the text in comments to be legible, this is my understanding. I hope someone prooves me wrong and that I’m just stupidly missing something here and that this isnt some huge flaw in a theme that should never have been available for sale, or a sales scam to make me upgrade.

    For anyone who missed the link before, have a look.. Dumbfounding.

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    Oh wow, that theme should NEVER have been let out of the box in that condition. I don’t know a single other theme that does that with the comments. I’m flagging this thread for staff attention, because that cannot possibly be allowed to continue. The design is impossible. Too bad, because the rest of the theme looks great.



    PS: they’ll probably just remove the gradient. That’s what I’d do.



    Hello there,
    Your theme On Demand is a premium theme and read-access to the premium themes forum is now open to all users so you can search to see if your question has been previously asked and answered there. The premium theme forums are at with separate sections for each theme.

    If you are not successful when searching there is a link for the specific Premium Theme support forum for your theme under Appearance -> Themes in your blog’s Dashboard, but do note that the premium theme must be active and you must be signed in as the user who purchased it in order to see it and post to it.


    The reason the comments looked strange is because you changed the background color from the original theme’s white background to a black background using the Appearance → Background page. The theme is designed to work in a different color scheme and that’s why your comments looked like they did. I see you were able to make an adjustment using the following CSS:

    ol.commentlist li,
    ol.commentlist li.alt,
    ol.commentlist li ul.children li,
    ol.commentlist li ul.children li.alt {

    And that’s exactly the kind of thing that needs to be done if you change the color scheme like you did in your case.

    If you need any further CSS help, please start a new thread on the CSS Customization forum. If you need further help with the theme itself, you should post in the Premium Theme forum.

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