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Changing Font Color for Titles

  1. I paid the $30 for the upgrade but still cannot change the color of my font. Please advise the easiest way to change my font color for the titles!
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  2. Changing the color of titles in your theme should be working. I just tested it and it worked. It might be that you aren't clicking inside the big color square. You need to click once inside the big square in addition to adjusting the slider on the right side of the color picker (this is something we've noticed some people have trouble with and we are working on an update to make it easier).

    Please try these steps and let me know if you're still having any trouble:

    1. Go to Appearance → Themes and click the Customize button
    2. Click the "Colors & Backgrounds" option on the left
    3. Click the top right circle in the color palette
    4. Select one of the selected colors (rectangles) or click the "pick your own color" link to use the color picker
    5. When using the color picker, make sure to click somewhere inside the large color picker box on the left side to change the color
    6. Save changes when you find the color you'd like to use

    If this doesn't solve the trouble for you, please send me the steps you're trying.

  3. I'm closing this thread for now because there hasn't been any recent activity on it and I think I answered the question satisfactorily. Please reply and mark the topic as "not resolved" or start a new thread if you need further help.

  4. Greetings,

    Please advise, as our font has returned back to the default maroon color, after you all fixed the issue.



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