Changing font-family in MistyLook: size problems

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    Every time I make a change of font-family in MistyLook (in two blogs), the font size changes by itself from a day to another. I get tired of fixing it and changing it every time I see the posts.
    Seems it’s not a good theme for these jokes. I’m dissapointed, because it’s a theme I like and I’m using it in two blogs.
    Seems I must give up and don’t change the font-family anymore, or migrate to another theme …
    Is there Any way to fix this? Or am I doing something wrong?
    I’m using the % tag for changing font size, but without any tag, size also changes.
    Using Firefox, on Ubuntu and on Window$.

    The blog I need help with is


    What is the code you are using?


    @ludusnaturae, my suggestion is to do font family and font sizes like this (which I shamelessly copied and pasted from Panos’s site ).

    <div style="font-size:120%;font-family:georgia;">

    You enter the first line above your body text (in the HTML tab) and then put an ending div tag (last line) below the last line of text.



    I’m sorry, Richard (and anybody who has read the question), but with the last revision of font sizes, the hour was getting too late.
    Yes, I use these codes, and I am a passionate reader of Pano’s blog.
    As soon as I can I’ll make a check article, to see and show you details.
    Thank you.


    Not a problem. You know where we are.



    Even more mysterious:
    Now, in the theme Connections, I see two different default fonts:
    On Window$ Georgia or Times New Roman, the same as ever.
    In Ubuntu, any “sans”, Verdana or similar. A few months ago I saw Georgia or Times New also on Ubuntu (but changing size, or changing between Georgia and Times New).
    All with Firefox on both OS. Must be Firefox updates who change this things.
    But changes of font-sizes, when no default ones, is more frequent than Firefox updates.

    It’s a world too complicated for me. I’ll let the fonts change all they want. For beautiful calligraphy is better ink on paper, there it doesn’t change depending of who are watching.

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