Changing font size & type for posts in CSS

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    I have purchased the CSS upgrade (though I have no idea how to make changes to it yet), and I read in the forums that I can change the default size of the font in my posts. I would like to do this so I don’t have to use the html code on every paragraph.

    I also would like to be able to use other fonts in my posts (tried comic sans today- but it doesn’t show up in the post). Do I have to add new fonts to my style sheet in order to be able to use them?

    I am using Ocean Mist (and will keep that, as I like it), and my blog is

    I’ve read through the posts on the forums, and I didn’t find an answer that helped me yet. Thanks…


    The problem with using non-standard fonts, is that if the person viewing your blog does not have that font physically installed on their computer, the browser is going to substitute one of the standard fonts, so you should be careful using non-standard fonts.

    If you have the CSS upgrade, and experience editing CSS, then changing fonts or fonts sizes is best done in the CSS. The thing is that there are several places where font and font sizes are controlled, and what the selectors are actually called in the stylesheet varies from theme to theme. Where you change the font or size, will determine if it changes all throughout the theme, or just in certain places.

    Do realize that since CSS is theme specific, if you change themes, you will have to delete the CSS changes you made for the other theme and then do them again for the new theme.

    It isn’t simply a matter of telling you enter this bit in the CSS editor and all will be well.

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