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changing font size

  1. I need to change my font size- looks great on my computer, but everybody says it's teenie tiny on their computers- should be an easy fix, but I can't seem to find it

  2. Could we have a link to your blog? The site linked to your name is not it.

  3. Thanks for the link. It doesn't look any tinier than usual for that theme with IE7, but that said, the only way to change it across the board is with the CSS upgrade. You can change the fonts individually (by post) and manualy without any upgrade:

  4. Under WordPress FAQ I found "Can I change my font / font size?" This helped me do this.
    I opened the HTML option and put <font size=”12”> at the beginning of the text, and </font> at the end of the text. Changed the whole post to 12" font. I'll have to do each post manually that way if I want them all big like that, but I like bigger text and don't want to change my theme. Hope that helps.

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