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Changing font size

  1. belladonichaze

    I have the upgrade. I tried to highlight a specific piece of text and make it smaller, but it won't allow me to.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. belladonichaze

    Can anyone help me with font size?

  3. Can you be more specific? Try linking to the page you're trying to update and point out exactly which text you want to change.

  4. Note that if you're trying to change font size inside a post or page, this help page might be what you're looking for:

    If not, reply back with an example so we have a better idea of what you're trying to do.

  5. belladonichaze

    Home page...copyright information at bottom...would like for it to be one point smaller. When I go into customization, I choose 2 pt. and that's what it is for the entire page.

    Make sense?

  6. belladonichaze

    Can anyone assist?

  7. Try using this in your css editor, changing the number to suit you.
    .blog-footer {font-size:12px;}

  8. belladonichaze

    Houstonweaver, will that work on one page home page? Or, will it override?

  9. belladonichaze

    Houstonweaver, tried the code...didn't work. Thank for trying.

  10. belladonichaze

    Stop divider. :)


  11. belladonichaze

    Still no solution on this...argh!

  12. I misunderstood what you were wanting to modify. It looks as though you used inline styling to center your text. If you wanted to continue using inline styling you could use (modifying the font-size to suit) :
    <p style="text-align:center; font-size:10px;">Your copyright text here</p>

  13. If you want the change only to happen in the homepage then the below might do the trick for you, footer #site-generator{<br /> text-align:center;<br /> font-size:10px;<br /> }
    else to show it in all pages, go for,
    footer #site-generator{<br /> text-align:center;<br /> font-size:10px;<br /> }

  14. And also to note, since your site is self hoisted, the support forum for that is at
    Happy Blogging :)

  15. belladonichaze

    Thanks, Castelinokevin! Didn't realize that about the support forum. I will try over there in the future.

  16. @belladonichaze Your blog is hosted right here at as it says in the footer. Your usage of a domain name does not change that fact. I have tried to inform the other poster but he is convinced he is right. I feel it will take an employee to set him straight.

  17. belladonichaze

    Holy cow...I am more confused than ever now...and still can't change the bleepin' font size.

  18. The blog is definitely hosted here at

    For the font size in the footer, I just tried what castelinokelvin posted earlier, and it worked for me.

    footer #site-generator{

    It looks like you've already figured it out because I also see that code saved in your custom CSS with "11px" instead of "10px" and it appears to be working.

  19. I'm having the same problem. I've recently switched to Hero theme and on many PCs the words are teensy tiny. How to I access CSS editor. Where do I find it, on dashboard? Is there a way to change default globla font to a new standard of my chosing? I'm pressed for time so I'll check back in after a bit. Thanks. My blog is

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