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changing font size for "next page" link

  1. I am looking to change the font size for my "next page" and "previous page" links. They are currently to small and my reader have told me the first time they visited my site, they did not notice there was more than one page. I've gone through my whole ccs style sheet and changed every "font-size: em;" and was unable to find the font that could change this feature. Can anyone help? My blog is: (

  2. I can't help you. I'm commenting only for the purpose of placing your thread on the front page of the forum so the volunteer(s) who help with CSS editing can see it and respond.

  3. thanks...

  4. boxandline,

    With the theme you're currently using, the only way to style those links is by using attribute selectors. Be advise, though, that IE 6 will ignore the selector, and IE 7 might too (I don't quite remember right now...)

    p[align="center"] a {


  5. devblog - do you think you could give me a little bit more of an example in the "YOUR PROPERTIES HERE" section you wrote? I am good at reading code, but not writing it. Maybe you could give me an example to make that font say size 2em?

  6. I am good at reading code, but not writing it.

    I assumed that you know at least the basics of CSS since you've made some modifications to your theme already.

    Tell you what, instead of giving you the exact code, I'll give you a hint: there are a few references to font sizes in your current code, and their property names are pretty obvious. Copy one of them and replace the "YOUR PROPERTIES HERE" with those attribute/value pairs and see what happens. Play, experiment with them till you get the results you want.

  7. thanks. it worked for firefox, but safari doesn't seem to recognize it... any help or am i out of luck?

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