Changing Font Size of Comment Section and Customize it

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    Can somebody help me out with these problems?

    1. The comments that appear in comment section in my blog is too small to read it comfortably. How can I increase the size of the font in the comment section of my blog

    2. How can I put customize instruction to type comments in the top of my comment box. Like If I want to give certain instructions to my readers about writing comments?

    3. How can I just display couple of lines of my post in the front page of the blog and rest when they click the headline of that blog? In my case, the whole article gets published in the front page but I only want couple of lines to get published in the front page and rest in the second page when they click it.

    Waiting your suggestions.
    Thanks in advance.



    1. Requires the CSS upgrade and knowledge of CSS as there is no official support
    2. Requires access to the HTML files – not doable here at
    3. Use the more tag

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