Changing Font Size Within Widgets

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    So I purchased the custom CSS upgrade, and because I’m still learning CSS, I decided to load the existing stylesheet (K2-lite) and edit it directly (eventually, I’ll do it the other, preferred way, but for now I feel more comfortable with this).

    I’ve gotten my page to look pretty close to how I’d like, but I’m having two issues:

    1. I have a widget for the blogroll on the right, and while I like the font size of the title of the blogroll, the font size for the individual blogs is too big. Same goes for the other widget below it. How do I change that font size without changing the font size of the title of the widget?

    2. My page is just a little too wide; that is, the center column (I’m sure that’s not the right terminology) is fine, but the background is just a bit wider than I’d like, resulting in a pointless scroll bar at the bottom of the screen. How do I change this without changing the header width?

    The first question is more important for the time being than the second, although I’d eventually like to resolve both.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    The volunteer who helps with CSS editing doesn’t appear to be available at this time. You will have to be patient wile waiting for him to login and help you. Here’s a link to a post that he recommends reading



    Thanks for the quick reply. I read that link and decided to suck it up, and just place my own CSS modifications on top of the existing theme. It was a slightly tedious process, but I did it, and now I feel better :)

    However, those problems I mentioned still persist. I’m happy to wait until the CSS volunteer shows up; thanks again for helping me in the meantime.



    I’ll take a look at this on my break. I’ll post as soon as I have something




    Any help on this? Sorry to be a nag; I just want to make sure my post isn’t lost amongst the masses.



    1. add your preferred font-size to ‘.blogroll li’
    2. i only see two columns so i’m a bit confused by your question

    if you meant the footer, try adding a negative margin-bottom to #footer



    Add this selector to your CSS:

    .widget_links ul, .widget_rss ul{
    font-size: 85%;

    Where 85 is a suggested value.

    Add this property to your “#page” selector:

    overflow: hidden;

    That should take care of the horizontal scroll bar.

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