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    My blog is up and running nicely but now I need to add some style to it. My questions are:

    1. When I start a posting the title shows up in standard gray. I want to make it a dark red and I want to increase the size of that title just a bit. I went to the faq according to the instructions “You must turn the Visual Rich Editor OFF …”

    How is that accomplished and if I turn that off will I be able to alter the color, font size and style of the title or just the posting content?

    2. I want visitors who comment to have their comments displayed below my original posting. The current setup allows a poster to post and lists the number of comments and then requires a new visitor to click on the link to read the comments. That’s a bit clunky. How do I change the setup to allow for direct display of comments?

    If I can solve these first two problems I’ll be a very happy camper!




    We cannot edit our templates at We can change some appearance characteristics by undertaking css customization if we are technically adept and if we purchase an upgrade ($15 per blog per year).

    I don’t believe you can change the font in the blog title without purchasing an upgrade however within your posts you can using this method

    To turn the text rich editor off -> Dashboard -> Users _ Your Profile (look for checkbox and uncheck it) then click “update options”.

    Ditto when it comes to your comments requirements. To achieve this you may have to upgrade and undertake css customization or go to self hosting or web hosting.

    Also did you read the pink sticky at the head of the forum called “please read first before posting”? I clearly describes the differences between wordpress.ocm and If you want this kind of control over your template then you may be better suited to self hosting or hiring a web host and downloading a free template from that you can hack to your heart’s content. Here’s the link



    Thanks for the resonse. I was able to change the title by creating a graphic and using it instead of html text. I’m not entirely happy with it or the method but it does work.

    And I was able to change the font size, color and style for the content post itself.

    I did read the pink sticky and visited but was hoping the wordpress blog from .org offered an on/off switch to display visitor comments.

    I’m not a programmer, know little about CSS etc., and everything I’ve been able to achieve has been through hours of trial and error. Even tho’ the claim of easy install is made for the free blog, it isn’t by any means and I resorted to hiring a gent out of England to do it for me. Now I wish I had him install it on our front or home page because I want to use it as a communications and informational feature that will allow our visitors to post their comments without having to dig for them.

    You confirm that isn’t going to happen unless I ‘buy up’ so that is probably the task I’ll be forced into. Our blog is hosted on a web server.

    But, so far, it has been an informative learning experience. I’ll work on it some more when I’ve the time.

    Thanks again.




    Our blog is hosted on a web server.

    I’m not clear on why you are here in the support forum when you have a web host. The blog templates at and the themes at are on completely different software. You will therefore get different answers to the same questions that you ask at
    P.S. And yes we have the choice of not allowing comments at all on blogs.



    Agreed. Since you’re hosted elsewhere, that means you’re running different software and need to be over at the other site at


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