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Changing font sizes, etc.

  1. I'm having trouble manipulating font sizes. Even if I click on the advanced toolbar, I can't find font-size options--only basic things like color, bolding/italicizing/underlining, indenting, bulleting, etc. This is an issue as on a couple of occasions when I've pasted content into a new page, odd fonts appear at random or the entire piece shows up in a larger or smaller type than I'd like. How do I change/normalize font sizes? Thanks!

  2. Advanced toolbar?

  3. When writing or editing a page, the symbol at the far right of the toolbar is an option to display advanced toolbar options. But even there (unless I'm missing something) I can't find any options for changing font size.

  4. If you have bought the CSS Upgrade you can change all aspects of font / font size / font colour. But without the css upgrade you cannot change the default font your theme uses. If you want to do this, you must do this all the time. It cannot be made easier at this point

  5. Thanks Thief. But what happens if I write/create a new page and the font shows up in a size that's smaller than the fonts on the other pages? I even created a page only to find that the final line appeared in a bizarrely larger font (even though the font size from the original source--a pasted Word doc--was consistent)...

  6. Exactly. As I thought. Pasting from a Word document is going to cause chaos.

  7. Aha. Guess that's a no-no. Any suggestion for importing text from Word docs and such? If something is fairly lengthy I'd prefer not to have to input it long-hand. Any tips on intermediating steps?

  8. Good. You are rolling now. As an intermediate step if you insist copy into a neutral text editor. Notepad ++
    is a good free download for Windows users.

  9. Thanks 404. Something tells me that'll save me a bunch of aggro... :-)

  10. No problem. Good luck. If you get stuck then come back.

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