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  1. @hnsaifi,

    As I said above,

    I'm sure you understand that some friendly greetings between friends is not unwelcome in these forums.

    It shouldn't surprise you that your subsequent remarks, which are less than cordial (bluntly: rude), have been answered so directly.

    Please be kind in these forums.

    But also, don't post incorrect, incomplete, or ill-researched answers to questions. Doing so makes this forum less than useful for everyone.


  2. I'm going to delete the volunteer section from this post

  3. @hnsaifi,

    I'm sorry you feel that way. I can only say that answering questions in these forums requires maturity, diplomacy, tact, and most of all accurate, informed, tested, and documented references.

    Give yourself some time to develop. No one has been biting you like sharks: only consider that you should think carefully, research your advise, and maintain a respectful stance with everyone who posts here.

    I'll close this topic.

  4. @hnsaifi, please consider sticking around! I think your contributions are good, and I value seeing new people help in the forums.

    What I try to do is just always stay positive. :)

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