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changing fonts

  1. I can't find the link to allow me to change the fonts on my page. I had it but I can't find it. Thank you. Sheila

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there,
    If you are expecting to be able to click a button and change fonts throughout your blog then it’s not that easily done.

    These are 3 ways to change fonts on blogs.

    (1) Changing font families, colors and size in text in posts or pages either post by post or page by page by coding into the HTML editor.

    (2) Changing font colors in text in posts or pages either post by post or page by page using the #4 icon (Select text color – change the text color) in Row 2 the Visual editor.

    (3) Changing all font families, colors and sizes throughout the whole blog by purchasing an annually renewable Custom Design upgrade and using Typekit Fonts with Staff support.

    Note: A few themes do provide for changing font color in the Blog Title and/or optional Tagline and/or links. In the majority of themes font changes to font families, colors and size in the blog title, tagline, post titles, page titles, categories and tags, widget headings, comments, and links cannot be done without CSS editing.

  3. Hi TimeThief: Thank you so much for responding. I have printed out your instructions as it will take me a bit of thinking to pursue. I just wanted to change the font on the Header. At one point, I think when I purchases an upgrade, it was a simple menu that allowed you to pick from a few fonts, and two other things. I just can't find it. I am brand new to all this and stumbling my way through.:) Sheila

  4. The upgrade that you require is the annually renewable custom design upgrade which allows you to use TypeKit fonts and edit CSS. I posted a link to the support enry for the custom design upgrade above and here it is again for you >

  5. Hi, I have a question to follow Sheila's.
    If you want to change the current font/color/etc. of things like the navigational page links and the header within your chosen theme, do you have to purchase the Custom Design upgrade? Or is that something your can accomplish for free by simple html?

  6. You can edit the color, size family etc of the fonts as TT told above without CSS upgrade. See it in the first two links of TT.

  7. @agrubio: The above reply is wrong. HTML and inline CSS can be used in the HTML post/page editor and in Text widgets, so they allow you to change the styling of the content of a post, a static page, or a text widget. "Things like the navigational page links", the blog title, the post titles, the widget titles etc. can't be changed without the paid Custom Design upgrade. Minor exception: some themes have customization options that allow you to select alternative color schemes or set the color for some of those elements.

  8. Thank you all. I did find the link I needed for a simple change in Dashboard. Sheila

  9. @drsheilahere

    Thank you all. I did find the link I needed for a simple change in Dashboard. Sheila

    You must have the custom design upgrade and be referring to
    Best wishes with your blog.

  10. @justpi Thank you for your help!

  11. @justpi
    I was able to change the font color, and its size on my private blog (without css) using this code
    <span style="”font-family: georgia; color: #2233ff;">How are you?</span> <span style="”font-family: arial; color: #ff00ff; font-size: xx-small;">Go to hell</span>
    What's going here? I had tried it on my blog then given the answer. Please guide me.

  12. @hnsaifi, @drsheilahere said,

    I just wanted to change the font on the Header.

    You cannot change a header font with the code you have. You can change fonts within a post or a page, or within the content area of a text widget, but you cannot change the fonts in the header, the post or page titles, the menu system, widget titles and the like.

  13. Thanks TSP
    But if the default theme color for links is dotted black, can we change its color (in the post) too?

  14. For links within the content area of a post, page, or even a text widget, yes the links can be restyled.

  15. Rich, what's up with your username? Is it you that disabled the link or am I smelling other powers?

  16. Well this is a support forum, not a discussion about Richard's username.
    And Thanks to TSP.

  17. @hnsaifi

    I'm sure you understand that some friendly greetings between friends is not unwelcome in these forums. As peer-to-peer support volunteers we are all more effective with cordial responses to posts here.

  18. @Panos, I purposely unlinked it as I don't want a bunch of emails for help. I'm not sure that worked out so well since I am still getting them anyway. Seems people are resourceful.

  19. @thesacredpath
    Good day to you. :)

  20. G'day TT!

  21. @thesacredpath
    I'm missing your presence here. :(

  22. Yeah when volunteers do it, its alright and when other members do it you guys scold him with your harsh words.

  23. The best advice for anyone who wants to answer forum questions is:

    1. Lurk on the forum for at least 3 months and familarize yourself with all support documentation.
    2. Learn how to search for answers both onsite and by using search engines and locate them while you are lurking.
    3. When you do feel your a compertant enough to post correct answers be sure that you do not post any answer to any question that you cannot back up with links to support documentation and/or to the answers previously provided by experienced Volunteers found in forums threads.
    4. Avoid socialising in support forum threads and posting personal commenst that do not answer the OPs questions.
    5. Post only short answers using as few words as possible. Lengthy answers can overface and annoy new bloggers.

    If you think I have been harsh you have another think coming. If you were an English as a mother tongue speaker I would have blasted you long, long ago and more than once for being rude. There are cultural differences in English usuage and there are things that are not polite to state to strangers at all. English as a first language speakers are well aware of these but you do not seem to be as English is not your mother tongue and as your personality type is a loud and pushy type that does not respect elders as we are expected to do. You have crossed the line into rudeness and impertinence many times in forum threads presumably without knowing it. I say this with kindness to you.

  24. Sorry but you can expect these things from a guy of 19. Now at least you guys have realized that saying someone that this is a support forum and you're not allowed to do your personal chat sounds painful to him. I'm sorry if I'm rude anywhere intentionally or unintentionally cause I'm not at home with English as TT mentioned.
    However you guys should feel the feelings of others too.

  25. The place for chat is in Off-Topic forum threads as you well know. We do not chat in support question threads as to do sop when an OP has posted for help would be exceedingly rude as it amounts to ignoring them in their own thread.

    This is an anology. Firstm read your last sentence and then read this and see if you comprehend the meaning:

    If you choose to swim in a pool with sharks and keep annoying b them you may get bitten. If you bleed even a tiny bit, then all the sharks will be tempted to take a HUGE bite of you. If you are beginner swimmer don't jump into the shark tank ... until you have what it takes to swim with sharks.

  26. When you've nothing to say you just speak louder.

    I'm not willing to fight with sharks having large teeth :)
    But my view wasn't trash-worthy to be ignored. Hope you'll keep this in account.

  27. I apologize for my harsh words to the senior members here. You're the real people. I love you volunteers. And now I'm going to use my superpowers too :)

    Topic Closed

  28. @hnsaifi:

    Rude words? Like your "Go to hell" perhaps?

    After reading my reply to agrubio, a normal person in your place would have said: "sorry, didn't notice what the question was".

    When I was a 1-month old member, hnsaifi, I kept my mouth shut and tried to learn instead of confusing others with bad replies (let alone try to play smart on top). Click Member under "justpi" to see when I started using WP, and then click Member under "panaghiotisadam" to see when I started giving replies here. Then start studying timethief's 5-point regimen: it's the best prescription against "painful" experiences.

    As for whether we should discuss usernames, go tell that to your friend iphonist1 first:
    (You can also show her my two usernames, since like you she thinks she can tell experienced users what they can or cannot do.)
    Thesacredpath is the most knowledgeable volunteer here, so possible issues with his username aren't "personal chat", they are a matter of absolute relevance to these forums.

    And as for "you can expect these things from a guy of 19", expect doesn't equal accept. To paraphrase one of your replies, this is a technical support forum, not a discussion about your feelings.

  29. Yeah and you scolded her with, this is a support forum, not about other's username. And she said nothing in response. And when I did the same you guys are biting me like sharks. Priorities matter.

  30. Ah, so much for "Topic Closed"...

    And, scolded her? "Let's not discuss this here please!" is scolding? Buy yourself a dictionary please.

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