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    I recently switched my blog to the Forever theme and can’t figure out how to change any of the fonts. Perhaps this is only an option with a custom upgrade subscription but the theme documentation seems to indicate it is an option without the upgrade. From the theme documentation page:

    “Customize Forever

    We know that getting everything to look just right for your wedding, colors included, is important so we made sure Forever was easy to customize. The background, header images, fonts, and even the link color, can all be up to you.”

    Further down on the page it says:

    “Forever also works really well with our Custom Design upgrade. Adding a custom font (available with the upgrade) is an easy way to make your blog look unique. Here’s what Forever can look like with a custom handwriting font for the title, a custom background, and a custom link color.”

    Which I took to mean the theme came with some font options but more are available with the upgrade. Am I missing something or is this just a documentation error? I searched but didn’t find this addressed in the forums so any help/insight would be appreciated!

    My blog is:

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    Changing the fonts in Forever requires the Custom Design upgrade. Forever does not come with options to change the font outside of the upgrade.

    I agree, the documentation implies that Forever comes with the ability to customize fonts without the upgrade. I’ve edited it to make it clearer. Thanks, and sorry for the confusion.



    I thought that was probably the case. Thanks for the quick response and the clarification.

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