changing fonts in posts, but not in post header

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    I want to change the font in posts, so that it is different from the headers. How can I do this? I did it in Twenty-ten theme, but now I’ve changed to Twenty-eleven and now it doesen’t work.

    The blog I need help with is



    You can change it using the custom font feature that comes with the Custom Design Upgrade (Body text). Go to appearance > custom design and then to the “Fonts” tab and choose a font that you like

    Right now I’m seeing these two fonts: tamarillo-1,tamarillo-2 declared, but then I also see another place in your CSS where you have declared these two hilde-sharp-1,hilde-sharp-2 .

    What do you want where? Right now you have competing font stacks compared.



    I want tamarillo in the headers; entry-title, page-title, access-menu and site-title, but I want scrivano-2, scrivano-2 in the bodytext and entry-content. I’ve tried to change it, but with no luck yet..


    Take a look at this support document on the custom fonts. I think you will have to go the “advanced” route.



    In my case the website changed the font without my permition. I have two different fonts, and I want to come back to the previous one, how do I do this?


    @samarasammy, at I see the standard fonts for twenty-ten. Titles are in sans-serif and body text/widget content text in serif.

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