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    Hi everyone,

    I recently purchased the Custom Design package and I’m having difficulty with it.

    I’m using the “Chunk” theme and want to change the “foreground” color from the off-white that it is now to a color that matches the background design. Is that possible? It seems like there’s something I’m missing, here…

    I don’t know CSS but if that’s the only way out, I’d be willing to try and navigate it.

    My site

    The blog I need help with is


    Here is an example to get you started. It will change the background color of the content area of the Chunk theme to light yellow:

    #container {
    	background-color: #ffc;

    Update the color code as needed:

    Also, note that if you change the main background color, you may also need to change the background colors of some page elements such as captioned images after the update is made. Try previewing the example from above by entering that code into the Appearance → Custom Design → CSS editor and clicking the Preview button to see what I mean.


    Hello, I’m using Twenty Eleven and want to change the foreground color to match my background image color of cream/off white. Does anyone know the css code for ‘cream’? I noticed it is not part of the 17 fixed colors.
    I don’t know css but am going to try and figure it out. I also want to change the Title font to cursive and make it a little bigger. Other than that I’m happy with the Twenty Eleven theme.


    @theboozyhomemaker The code to match your background is
    #page {background:#FDF9EC;}
    That exact match for your background looks odd without any border to the page, so you might want to go with a lighter neutral shade. You can plug in your exact match into this color picker and it will show you lighter shades of it:, This site has some neutrals you could try. Wikiepedia even has a page of Shades of white.

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