Changing from 2-column theme (Neat) to Digg 3 Column–Widgets stay or not?

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    I am hoping that someone can tell me whether or not my widgets will stay in tact if I change my theme from 2 columns to 3 columns? I’ve spent more time than I can to admit workingon the widgets and sidebar, so I jsy want everythign to move over, if possible.

    Will this happen or will I end up with a mess?




    Some of them may show up when you switch. As a precaution, copy all the stuff out of any text widgets you have added to your blog, and paste it into a plain text editor and save it so that you will not lose any of your code/text. This way, you can easily recreate any text widgets that would happen to disappear.

    The whole widget admin thing took a big ugly hit (for the worse) with the big update wordpress did a while back. It’s hard to change to a theme with a different number of sidebars without taking at least a little bit of a hit.



    I found out this neat trick if your switching themes and you don’t
    see your widgets all you have to do is click save changes under the widget
    section and your widgets will appear… remember to click save changes
    again to save the widgets…



    I find that I cannot copy anything in the widgets. How do you do that? CTRL A?


    Click in the text in the widget, and the press ctrl-a. If that doesn’t work (doesn’t highlight everything), it may be your browser. Some have mentioned this problem in the past with IE6 (not sure about IE7).

    If you are using IE, you might consider downloading and using Firefox. It has virtually no issues with wordpress. Also, make sure you have the latest version of flash installed.



    thesacredpath and teck07,

    You are both so kind to tell me these things–I’ve done some of it and it works! So now I will try to move to the new theme in the next week.

    Very appreciative of all the help!




    Teck07 — Awesome! It worked for me too! Thank you!



    You’re welcome! darcknyt,


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