Changing from black to white background on Imbalance 2 Gallery

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    I would like to keep the white background all along the pictures viewing, from selection in the home page until the “gallery slideshow”. Now, when viewing the single pictures on screen, the background is black with some “desktop shadows”. I had a look around but I didn’t find the answer.
    It is possible? How?

    The blog I need help with is



    Appearance> Theme options > Select white background if your theme does support it.


    Moderator is this the site in question? If so, could you please update the URL in your Personal Settings or mention it when you post in the forums? Thanks.

    Since you are using the Gallery in those posts, what you are seeing is the Photo Carousel viewer that implemented on all our sites and at the moment there is no option to change its background color.



    If you would prefer not to have your images display in the Photo Carousel, the only way is to not use the Gallery shortcode. Certainly more tedious, but it’s the Gallery shortcode that triggers the Carousel.

    Also, if you want to preserve image quality, not to mention maximize your 3G storage space, you may want to consider resizing your images before uploading.



    Thank you justjennifer,
    Yes: it’s about the carousel. I wanted it with a white background. Your answer is clear and I will see how to arrange the site in another way.
    And sorry for my confused question.

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