changing from one theme to a new one–will that mess everything up?

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    alright, i DID search through a lot of template related stuff and i didn’t find the answer to my question. if someone already posted this, i’m sorry.
    but now to my issue: when i started my blog, i used the solipsus theme. since then, i’ve added a bunch of customized text widgets etc where i put the html in myself. take a look if you want:
    so my question is, now i’ve seen some other themes that i like better, if i change to them, does that completely SCREW up everything on my sidebar? am i going to have to do the whole thing over again?



    I changed it many times, and I encountered no problem. Remember, some themes have no custom sidebar, so it switches to the default ordering. But your custom sidebar is saved, so if you switch back or too another custom sidebar enabled theme, your sidebar is restored.

    Of course, even if a theme is custom sidebar enabled, doesn’t mean it will look good in the new theme.



    Here an earler thread on the subject.



    All the theme does is wrap around the posts. It does nothing to actually affect them.

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