Changing from ten twenty to ithemes2 home page mess

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    I changed my theme from ten twenty to ithemes. I worked it out on a test blog and everything seemed to work okay and I started getting the hang of it–
    When I changed on the regular blog, I am not getting the posts on the home page. My menus are the same as I used in test blog but I am getting message: Well this is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it? It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching, or one of the links below, can help.

    What do I need to change to get the home page to show correctly? The blog is
    The posts I made sticky are not showing in the slider either.
    Thanks for your help.

    The blog I need help with is


    I did the exact same thing. I have many pages, widgets, pictures, etc on my blog (click my name to see what I mean) and it basically worked, except it only let me use one header which I didn’t like so I changed back. When I changed back it got rid of all of my widgets but everything else worked. What did you have on your home page?


    The home page was run down of the posts along with featured images. here is the home page on the test blog –

    But when I changed themes on the regular blog, the home page is not showing properly.



    Switching themes does not result in what you have experienced and that’s why I flagged this thread for Staff attention. Please be patient while waiting for them to reply to you.


    Thanks a lot for your help.



    You’re welcome.



    @bethoumyvisiononline: Go to Settings > Reading and select the option “Your latest posts” where it says “Front page displays”.


    Thanks so much–made the correction. All of you folks at WordPress are great!



    You’re welcome.
    As for “folks at WordPress”, I’m not staff, I’m just an experienced fellow blogger volunteering.

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