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Changing header

  1. I've tried to change haeder putting an url. Text says that image has been uploaded but I can't see it... help please! Thank u

  2. You have chosen a theme called "Dusk". It does not have a header that you can customize. This thread at the bottom of the forum box is on exactly the same subject. Please note the second entry on the thread for the names of the ONLY themes you can change headers on.

  3. I've changed theme coz it doesn't work: I've tried to change the header with Cutline theme

  4. When I click on your name I am not looking at Cutline. I am looking at Dusk. Please supply the url for your blog.

    Cutline header size is 770 pixels by 140 pixels. You download the image you want to your own computer. You put it into Paint (or a similar program) and size it to the dimensions above and save it. Then when you use the "browse" button you find it on your blog and click on it. Then click upload.

  5. can u see now?

  6. Now you have changed it to Cutline. The instructions for what to do next are two entries above this.

  7. so i can't put a map in which everybody can add himself, isn't it?

  8. I'm sorry but I don't know what you mean. A header can be any image like a map but it is not something that readers add on to. If you want to use a map as a header you will have to add people's locations in yourself. You would do this by taking the image down each time changing it and uploading it again.

    Would you please give me the url of the map you are trying to upload? I think that's where the problem may be.

  9. If you own this map you can download it to your own computer and resize it to 770 pixels x 140 pixels. Provided the map is not in javascript, a frame or an embed you can use it as a header. If it is one of those then the wordpress programming will strip the coding out to maintain security. My guess from looking at the code is that it does fall into one of those categories and if so then you will not be able to use it.

  10. and how about the slide?

  11. We are back to the thing about code again. You cannot use anything in javascript. We are not the same as myspaces. We are on a different blogging platform for multiusers. Because we all share that platform if one person were allowed to use javascipt it would affect us all.
    I don't think I can help you and I do not want to mislead you with incomplete or wrong information. Will you please send in a feedback and include a link back to this posting?

  12. thank u so much.
    just another fast question: i've written a motto, but i can't see it. depends on theme, correct?

  13. Only some themes allow for "tag lines" after the blog title but if you put the motto into a header image it will show there. Or if you put it into a text widget it will show in your sidebar.

  14. tahnk u so mucha again. night!

  15. You're welcome. The link to the map in your sidebar works fine I just tried it.

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