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Changing header fonts with typekit

  1. Hi

    My account says that I can change my header font with typekit and I am set up ready but where do I actually find it? I have gone into appearance and typekit but how do I actually get to change the header?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Typekit as far as I know is not active yet so there are no details. I'm also not sure if we will be able to change the fonts for the blog itself without the paid CSS upgrade and at least a moderate understanding of CSS.

    Do note that the above is pure speculation on my part since staff had not put out any information on things yet.

  3. Oh that makes sense to why I can't find it then (lol). I do have paid CSS upgrade though (not sure why, as I have no idea how to use it!)


  4. You're right there has been no announcement and we are not aware of the details as yet. See the post and comments as well

  5. @boofsbooks
    The CSS uograde is not recommended to bloggers who have no CSS editing experience as there is no Staff support, and as only two volunteers choose to expend there time assisting those with the CSS upgrade you need help.

  6. @boofsbooks,

    Changing fonts isn't that big of a deal in the CSS, so someone here in the forums should be able to help you get that done. Sometimes there are several places you need to change things, but the hardest part for newbies is finding those places.

    Once the typekit thing is active and working, post in the CSS customization forum and I'm sure someone will help you out. I'm loosing my internet connection for a few days so I won't be around, but someone should.

  7. /waving Happy New Year! to TSP :)

  8. how on earth do I change my fonts with type kit? I've read this thread but I'm still baffled. According to word press, there is supposed to simply be a place to type in your kit editor ID... can't find it. Only references to changing the CSS. UGH!

  9. Hi liveclay see my post
    hope it helps,

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