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Changing Header Image

  1. I am operating on a Mac, and I cannot seem to upload a new header. The 'choose file' button is covered, as if that is where you edit your photo. How do I upload a picture with this? Anyone else have the same problem?

  2. Are you using a Safari browser? It has known issues.

  3. Hey I am just having this exact same problem .... will switch over to Firefox and see if that helps

  4. It should. Safari really, really has issues with WordPress. If you can run FF instead, it will help.

  5. The one time we allow the "My browser is better than yours" around here. Safari has an issue with running the javascript program that WordPress and many other programs use.

  6. I dont have Firefox, but I have IE. I'll try that.. I dislike using IE because, but I shall try. I don't know why I didn't think of that before? So this isn't a Mac thing then?

  7. I tried on IE, and although I could upload the image, I could not crop it. Therefore when I hit the crop button, and went to view my header image, it was just black.

  8. so glad to see this, i'm new to word press and was not able (on safari) to change the header either. i'll work in firefox. thank you!

  9. @inkeq:
    Don't bother with IE on a Mac. MS quit supporting it years ago, and it's now way out of date. Your best bet is to look around at Mozilla browsers (firefox, flock, camino) or maybe Opera.

  10. have a friend tell me the secret for changing a header on safari (if you don't want to change to firefox to resolve that one issue): put the cursor over the 'choose file' button (even if it looks grey like there's a pic to edit) and hold control then click.

  11. Can anyone verify that? My macs are all servers.

  12. Verified. A right-click (ctrl-click) on the Browse button opens the browse dialog in Safari. Whaddyaknow?

  13. i wouldn't lie to you judyb and mike! :-D

  14. Oh agreed. Just wanted to verify.

  15. I've got this same problem and will try the Safari solution given here, but am wondering about whether Safari is generally weak for this app.

  16. It seems that Safari has issues with the form of javascript called AJAX which is in quite widespread use now and with the tiny MCE editor. I guess Safari developers need some encouragement towards addressing and resolving these issues.

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