How do I change my header on different pages?

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    I know there’s a way to do this but I can’t figure it out. I recently switched to the 2011 theme and really like it. I saw another 2011 theme where the user was able to create different personalized headers for their blog. I can’t figure out how to do this. I want to change the photo on my “about me” page. Could you please expalin to me specifically how to do this? Thank you in advance.
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    Hi, you can do this by adding a featured image to any pages you want this to happen with. We have more details on adding featured images in our support docs.



    Thank you. I’ve read that page many times and am still confused. Could you perhaps be a little more specific? When I follow the directions, I end up on the page where I uploaded the first original header image. I want to add a second header.

    Maybe I’m missing an important step, but I still can’t figure out how to do it.


    Okay, so you’d like to change the header image that appears on your about page here right?

    To do that you will want to edit the page. There you’ll see a module labeled “Featured image” with a link to “Set featured image.” You may need to make sure you don’t have this hidden in your screen options.

    Once you set that featured image you can update the page. Your new image will replace the custom header for just your about page.

    If you’re still stuck on anything just let me know. Thanks!



    Well so far, it’s not working. I tried what you said and it changed the photo for the entire site. DO I need to rewrite the whole “about” page?

    I know there’s a way to do this!!! I am determined to figure this out I appreciate your help – but I’m still doing something wrong.



    OK. I got it. Sorry, but the above directions weren’t the WAY I got it, but I have what I want none-the-less. Thank you for your quick responses.

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