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Changing header on pages

  1. I would like to keep my header on my main home page but get rid of it on other pages. How do I do this? What's the code to change this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thesacredpath

    Hi there, assuming you are talking about the header image, the first rule below hides the header image from all pages, and then the second rule brings it back on your home page.

    header#branding img.headerimage {
        display: none;
    .home header#branding img.headerimage {
        display: block;

    If you aren't talking about the header image, let me know.

  3. Sorry it took for awhile to get back to you. Yes, I was asking about the header image. I haven't tried your suggestion yet but I will. Now, my next question is what do I put in the space left behind with no image? How do I fill that up? Does the space automatically shorten or do you have a suggestion to shorten that space?

    Any help again, will be greatly appreciated.

    And I like your name--Sacred Path.

  4. The space will automatically shorten if you use thesacredpath's CSS above. Here's an screenshot example:

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