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changing header photo size

  1. claudiamulcahy

    Hi, I've been trying to change the header either on my current theme (Misty Look), or on a new theme (Duster) - whichever works, wins.

    On the Misty Look Theme, the photo is rectangular shape, across the entire page. (760x329) I'd like to have the photo square, and not the entire page width.Switching to Duster, I can get the photo in square shape, but it's huge. I've resized the pixel ratio to 180x135. The photo still shows up huge, and the resolution is really bad.

    The website I'm talking about is (it doesn't show up as a choice when I go to the drop down selection - so I head to chose the blog I'm not have problems with.)

    ...I'm still working on Avatar/Gravatar/Blavatar issues. I've emptied cache many times, and read all the related hints I can find. My Gravatar for still shows up as my Gravatar. (The description is correct for site; the photo isn't.)

    Thanks for your help!

    The blog I need help with is

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