Changing Header Size In Sight Theme

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    Hello, I’d like to change the header height in the sight theme.
    I have uploaded my logo, but this has left alot of extra white space at the top of my blog.

    I’d like to know the CSS to decrease the header height. I have the customization upgrade.

    Alternately, if I can’t decrease the header size, I’d like to move the header image so that it is at least more centered in the white space that exists in the current header.

    Thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is


    I want to do the same! Also have an upgrade and want to remove the search widget, so the header can be wider



    Did you find a solution? I want to have a wider header name with my sight theme! Frustrating.


    Hi @mindfulfitnessmovement, give this a try and see what you think for reducing the white space. It moves the menu and search box up to align with the top of your logo site title.

    .secondary-navigation {
        margin-top: -55px;
    .header-search {
        margin-top: -12px;
    .wf-active .site-title, .wf-active .site-title a {
        font-size: 1px;

    @lmjv, since what you are wanting is different from what this topic is about, and to avoid confusion for users coming to this thread in the future, could you please start a new thread and let us know how large you want your header image? I’ll watch for it.

    Thanks in advance.


    @thefashiournalist, can you please start a new thread since this is a different issue that what this thread is about and I’ll watch for your post. Many thanks in advance.

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