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    I’m new to WP and this might sound a little stupid but how do I change the header and the colour of the bar at the top of the page?
    Thanks in advance.



    The theme you have chosen “dusk” does not allow changes you are requesting. If you want the ability to make such changes you will have to make another choice of theme.
    Themes that do allow for custom headers are: Ambiru, Benevolence, Blix, Connections, Contempt, Cutline, Kubrik, Neat, Pool, Pressrow, Regulus, Rubric and Sapphire.
    The sizes of the various headers can be found by using the forum search box.
    The Daydream and Supposedly Clean themes have a limited selection of header options you can choose from.
    The navigation bar at the top of your page is blue and cannot be changed. Your readers cannot see it.



    I’m thinking of perhaps changing my theme and was trying to find a spare moment to look up custom header themes. Thank you. :)


    Kubrick is the best custom header theme : )



    Looks good patriotsfanblog. Trying to decide on the best custom header theme for my site with clear navigation across or near the top (I have 6 pages other than home). :)



    Before you make your choice you may want to check out the very thorough testing that engtech is doing on all the themes and their features



    Thanks again timethief. That testing by engtech is great. I’m really thinking about Cutline…


    thanks a lot guys, excatly what i was looking for.



    @eclecticgeek and abhinavsara
    Thanks for the thanks – it’s always good to hear from happy campers. :)

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