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    Ok, I have been given the link to custom menus, and i have read it and re read it…..and although I have learnt so much, i am stuck on how to re arrange the main menu….

    Below i have put my site on which i am currently doing….and below are screen caps on what I am seeing on my menu and on the main site…..Now as you will see (Hopefully) even if I try and put ‘About guy’ on the end, it doesnt come out that way on the main screen :( And I cannot work out how ot do it :( As I said i do refer back to the link, but I cannot see what is probably staring me in my face! Can anyone please help :) Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. There should be a Theme Options section on your screen capture but I don’t see it.

    Go to Screen Options on top, and if “Theme Options” is not checked, please check it. Then make sure you select “Holby City” (the name of your menu) under Theme Options, Primary Navigation. Then click on Save.

    Please advise if that fixes the problem. :-)


    Hi airodyssey, I have read and re read yuor instructions, and checked but where do i find Screen options please??

    Once I found that I can try what you suggest and then let you know if it works.

    Before I go, if I do work on my site, and I change anything around etc, will I lose the work I have completed? :)



    Appearance > Menus, then on the top right corner.

    The “Screen options” is also visible on your second screen capture :-)

    Changing the custom menu should have no impact on your content


    Hey @airodyssey :D

    Ok thankyou for that, seemed to have worked…..can you tell me though lastly, why on all the other pages, I have got a the facebook & twitter icons on all the other pages, but not on this….can you say why? Also does WP support Tumblr, I have put in the URL but it gives me an error sign :( Thankyou! :D


    PS @airodossey, im asking this as I cant find the actual posting I made and got an answer for, but I have my photo up but cant get my name to go right underneath…



    Using the Right and Left alignment icons for images create text wrap. If you don’t want text wrap then set your image alignment to either “none” or “center” in a draft post that you can later delete, and then copy and paste the code from the HTML editor into the text widget.



    I have got a the facebook & twitter icons on all the other pages, but not on this….can you say why?

    I can see Facebook and Twitter sharing links on everyone of your pages.

    Also does WP support Tumblr, I have put in the URL but it gives me an error sign

    If you want visitors to click the “Tumblr” page tab on your blog and immediately arrive in the Tumblr blog then you have to change what you have done in your custom menu. You must enter the Tumblr blog URL as a custom link. Instructions are found here >


    hello @timetheif – What even the first one, ‘About’????

    Cant I have the icon as Facebook and Twitter has….?



    Yes I can see both Facebook and Twitter icons on your About page. I can see them on all your static pages.


    Thanks for the confirmation…

    YOu mean like firefox….?

    Do we not have a tumblr icon like we have facebook and twitter…..?



    I can see the icons as I stated above – Facebook and Twitter on all your pages. Yes I am using Friedfox 3.6.16. If you cannot see them then do as I stated above.

    I told you how to link to your Tumble blog from your custom menu. When you do that the result is that clicking the Tumblr blog tab in your blog menu bar will direct the visitors immediately into the Tumblr blog. Facebook and Twitter icons therefore must be placed on the Tumblr blog.



    OOPS!! Spelling error correction “Friedfox 3.6.16.” was meant to be Firefox 3.6.16


    Haha Yeah I knew what you meant by Firefox! :D Ok thankyou for that, I shall give it a go :)

    Right so when you say the link, yeah I get that, I think i have done that on the Twitter page,….so I do the same for Tumblr then, yeah?

    Why do FB & Twitter icons have to be placed on the Tumblr blog too….? I am a little confused there.



    When you create a custom link page tab in a custom menu on your blog linking to your Tumblr blog that page tab when clicked will not display a page on your blog. It’s only a tab.

    The visitors clicking that custom link page tab in the custom menu on your blog to your Tumblr blog will immediately arrive in the Tumblr blog.

    Hence as there is no “page” on blog and only a custom link page tab there is no place to position the icons your are pointing to on your blog.

    If you want social networking icons for Facebook and Twitter to be available for your visitors to use You will have to place them on your Tumblr blog.

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