Changing Home page on Twenty Eleven

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    Sorry I’m new to CSS completely so no idea if this is a stupid question.

    Basically I don’t actually want my homepage to have a blog layout. I’d love to keep just the twenty eleven heading of my name, the picture with menu options below. is the site

    Is it possible to remove the posting section/search function etc?

    Thanks for any help.


    The blog I need help with is


    Create a static front page for your site. Report back here after you have that up and running and I’ll help you hide everything but the nav and header (and footer – that has to stay too).

    Do know that having no “content” on your front page will severely hamper your search engine ranking. The don’t like blank home pages.


    Sorry, here is the link to the static front page support document.



    Thanks so much – I’ve made the static page now so yes any help hiding the search/post date etc would be great.

    Good to know that it will hamper search engines and I’ll have a think about it but definitely prefer blank for the moment! Cheers


    Here you go.

    .home #primary {
    display: none;


    Absolutely perfect – thanks so much for the speedy help!


    You are welcome.

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