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Changing 'hover' link colour not working!

  1. Hello, hope someone out there can help me!

    I have changed my link colours and my link hover colours on my blog.

    My problem is the area at the bottom of each blog post that reads:

    Posted in Uncategorised | Leave a Comment | Edit

    I have managed to change the 'hover' colours for the second two using the following:

    .comments-link a:hover {<br /> color:#006666;<br /> }</p> <p>.edit-link a:hover {<br /> color:#006666;<br /> }

    However, I cannot find anywhere what code I need to change the 'Uncategorised' link hover colour - no matter what, it stays orange/red which I hate!

    Can anyone out there provide me with the right code to change the category link hover color?

    Many thanks,


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Anyone? :(

  3. I have tried all sorts of variations on this:

    .category-ID a:hover {<br /> color: #006666;<br /> }

    but nothing's working and it's really bugging me!

  4. Here's the CSS that is used in the default Twenty Ten style.css to set the hover link color for the byline and the links in the links below posts:

    .entry-meta a:hover, .entry-utility a:hover {
    color: #FF4B33;

    So just add that same line to your custom CSS with a different color:

    .entry-meta a:hover, .entry-utility a:hover {
    color: #066;
  5. Fantastic, thank you so much! :)

  6. @katkhaos
    Please note this and restore the footer links to your blog:

    May I remove the ‘Blog at’ credit in my site’s footer?
    Although the Custom Design Upgrade certainly grants you the capability to hide the credit from your site’s footer, you are not permitted to do so. Even our VIP bloggers are required to maintain the credit.

  7. @timetheif thanks for that! Only meant to hide the site name in the footer, oops :S theme info is back now.

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