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changing identities for multiple blogs under one profile

  1. Hi! I have two blogs under one profile with one email address. The first one I set up to be anonymous, under a pseudonym (evolving 2012). I'm setting up a new blog ( that I do NOT want to be anonymous. I've set up different gravatars for each. When I tested how folks get notified when they "follow" me on the new blog, they get an email from the pseudonym and the gravatar from the anonymous blog.

    How can I change this, so folks who follow the new blog get the gravatar and name associated with that blog, and folks who follow the anonymous blog get the pseudonym and gravatar from the other one??? I'm not wanting to mix worlds, but I fear you're going to tell me I need to set them up under different email addresses and profiles completely??

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, you need separate email addresses.
    The email address is what uses to identify who "you" are. One email addy=one person.
    This is not unusual: I have several facebook accounts—one for my work persona, one for my personal self, one for "other" and each one has a separate email addy to identify me, plus a separate login for each one.

  3. Hi! Bummer. Actually, this doesn't strike me as so usual -- in Facebook, for example, I have my personal page and my business page. I show up differently (name and picture) on each, and have the ability to post, like, have activity, totally separately. Is there any workaround in WP? For example, is there some way I can migrate one of the blogs to another email address? In the meantime, I've changed my public profile name to something vague BUT WP doesn't let me change the gravatar to something automatically generated like with other blavatars, I have to choose a new pic .....?

  4. You need a separate unique email account for the other blog. Then you can transfer ownership of it to the second email address / account.

  5. You will also want to coordinate the gravatar accounts. I believe they are also based on the email / account identification system.

  6. OK, I'll work on that. Please tell me more about the "coordinating the gravatar accounts" piece?

  7. You need to know which email is attached to which blog here, and make sure that's attached to the gravatar you want for that username.

  8. Hi! OK! I have two profiles and one blog under each now, as well as the appropriate gravatars and blavatars. Few final niggling details:

    1. I changed the username on my original blog (jaxsine) to my current username (srinderle), then went to change the username on my new blog (sjr70) to jaxsine, but it's telling me it's taken. But I just changed/deleted it! Does this take time to process?

    2. I still have an email address and gravatar image associated with srinderle I want to delete, but I can't find any way to DELETE gravatar images and additional emails from a gravatar, only add. Help?

    Thanks for all your help folks!!

  9. 1) you can't change one username into another! You just can't do this. You needed to set the jaxsine account with the blog you wanted that username on.

    2) you just add a new image and it gets rid of the old one.

  10. Raincoaster, maybe you didn't read the thread from the beginning?

    1. I still want to change the username on my evolving 2012 blog. If I changed/deleted the "jaxsine" username on my other blog, how come WP is telling me it's already being used when I try to change my username on the evolving 2012 blog? Or maybe there's a place in the other profile where I need to delete it?

    2. I know how to change gravatar images, what I want to do is delete excess images and email addresses. The old image is still showing up, and I don't see a place to remove email addresses.


  11. Hi folks! Any takes? Still need help on this issue....

  12. OK now I have another problem. My non-anonymous gravatar (my photo) is showing up as my gravatar under my ANONYMOUS blog. This is NOT OK! I've changed my gravatars and even do quick edits on the comments and my picture is still showing up. I think an answer to #2 above might help... HELP!

  13. @srinderle
    Does this help? Separate Username Accounts Separate Blogs >

  14. @sjr70
    1 username account = 1 gravatar account = 1 image

  15. Hi timethief, thanks for the response. Not really. I already have two separate blogs under two separate email addresses with two separate usernames. I migrated one (anonymous one) over to another account/email. My old image is showing up under my new blog. I'm thinking I have to completely delete my gravatars and start over since I cannot have my photo on my anonymous blog.

    Re: username, per your article, are you saying that once a username has been used, even if it's been deleted it can never be used again?

  16. Ok I changed my unsername to jaxsine2. But the gravatar image from srinderle (my photo) is STILL showing up next to my comments on the Evolving2012 blog EVEN after I quick edit the email of the comment. I think this is because the srinderle gravatar has images and emails from both (it was the original gravatar). I can't find anywhere how to delete ANYTHING - not emails, images, or even the gravatars themselves. I need to get my photo off my comments on my anonymous blog (Evolving2012)!! HELP!

  17. @jaxsine2

    Re: username, per your article, are you saying that once a username has been used, even if it's been deleted it can never be used again?

    YES. That's clearly stated here:

    Once you change your username you will not be able to change it back and the old name will not be available for you or anyone to use.

  18. Changes in Gravatars are NOT retroactive. Everything that is showing now will continue to show forever.

  19. Hi raincoaster. But it was retroactive. The anonymous image was on all my previous comments, like it should. Once I changed accounts and separated the blogs, the gravatar image changed retroactively next to my comments!!! This is why I have a problem, the image changed!!

  20. BOTH emails are associated with the srinderle gravatar, which I think is the problem, since I'm also getting emails in both email addresses about this conversation. Can someone please tell me how to (a) delete an email address associated with a gravatar, (b) delete an image that is still in a gravatar file (even though it's not being used) and/or (c) how to delete a gravatar altogether?

  21. Note that a account is also a account

    You have two separate email address settings at

    Blog notifications for the admin (like comment moderation, Likes, new subscriptions, etc) are sent to the email address at Settings -> General in the Dashboard.

    Personal notifications (like comments on your post, subscription emails, and upgrade renewals) are sent to the email address at Users -> Personal Settings in the Dashboard.

    Try changing it at!/settings/ first.

    If that doesn't work, try Users -> Personal Settings in your blog's Dashboard.

    Note: After the change you will receive an confirmation email. Please be sure to check your spam/junk mail filter in your email client, if you cannot locate it.

    Issues Changing your E-mail Address >

  22. Hi - thank you Timethief. I checked in both blogs/profiles and in both places (Settings -> General and Users -> Personal Settings) everything is already fine. I really believe the problem is with the Gravatars. Can you or someone please answer questions a, b, or c above??? The only reason I can fathom this is happening is because at one point I had BOTH emails and BOTH images in the srinderle gravatar. The gravatars CHANGED retroactively next to my comments in the Evolving2012 blog (jaxsine2), showing the image from srinderle and they're still like that even though I changed the email addresses in the comments. Something is wrong with the GRAVATAR profiles I'm pretty sure.

  23. I tagged this thread for sorting by Staff.

  24. You can control your Gravatar profile via

    Just log in, and you'll be able to control your email addresses and gravatars.

  25. Thanks Timethief -- Macmanx, I've already been in there multiple times and I have yet found a way to delete items, only add.

  26. First, click on the email address, then click "Delete this email address".

  27. Hi macmanx. can you please be more specific and give me some steps? Under manage my gravatars? Edit my profile? I'm not finding any place to even call up what email addresses are associated with this gravatar. I did, however, discover how to delete an image - hover mouse over and an X comes up! HOORAY! Almost there......

  28. Under Manage My Gravatars, you'll see all of your email addresses listed:

    Then, click on the desired email address, and click "Delete this email address".

  29. OK so no other emails are listed there, does that mean there aren't any? If so, I still don't understand why I'm getting emails to BOTH my separate emails for this thread AND the gravatar image for srinderle is still showing up on comments for my Evolving 2012 blog (under jaxsine2) even after I change the email address in the comment. And it wasn't this way before. Shouldn't WP associate one email address with one gravatar? I don't understand why this changed or how to fix it, this puts me at risk....

  30. Ok, maybe I'm confused as to the issue.

    Did you leave a comment on another blog where you want the Gravatar to be different? If so, would you please give me a link to the comment?

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