Changing layout and font color in theme simpla

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    1) Ok, once done that what will the code be? Or is it authomatic?

    2) Yea, just a little bit on the left, just before the photo.



    1. Upload it to your media library, get the URL and then put the URL into the background declaration below.

    #header-image {
    background: url("URL OF IMAGE") no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;

    2. But all the stuff in the blog floats in relationship to the background image. Widen and narrow your browser window to see?


    I think i’m almost there. How can i change the font color of links (normal and rollover)?
    Thank you very much.


    And how can I change the color, size and weight of the font of comments?


    I see no comments to work off of in your site, so this is based off a random site using Simpla.

    ol.commentlist {
    color: #777777;
    font-size: 0.9em;

    If you want to change the font weight then just add that declaration to the above.


    Hi, I made it at last.

    Just one last thing and the blog will be ready:
    Why if i click on a post title and i go to the page of the single post the title is still green and not blu or red (the colors of title roll-over/not-rollover)?
    How can i fix this?



    No one can help me solving my last problem?


    On the front page, the selector would be .entrytitle h2 a .

    On the single post page (after clicking the title, it is not a “link” so the following has to be used.

    .entrytitle h2 {
    color: #B4C24B;

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