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    I use two different computers for editing my blog – a laptop, and a desktop. The laptop has a wide screen, the desktop has a smaller but ‘more squared’ screen.
    The thing is, depending on which computer I use to visit my blog, it looks different!
    On my desktop everything is alligned perfectly, for example the images on the bottom of my blog are all on 1 line. However, on the laptop nothing is alligned anymore!

    Is there a way to make sure your blog looks the same on every computer, no matter what resolution that specific computer uses?

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    Yes, you’d want to use a fixed-width theme (which you already are doing with Hemingway). Unless your laptop is at some very strange resolution, your blog should look good there too.

    Could you take a screenshot of the issue from your laptop so we can see what you are seeing?


    Here are the screenshots:

    Laptop: (I specificied the differences with white arrows) (




    The alignment you are seeing on your desktop seem to be only matching up by chance because of the smaller screen. On my computer which has a fairly wide screen the page displays much as in laptop your screenshot. This is because the the columns are resized to be percentages of the total screen size while the images at the top or the text at the bottom have fixed widths (or lengths). Try resizing the browser on your laptop and watch them line up when it reaches about the same proportions as the screen on your desktop. This is done so that your blog will be presentable with all sorts of different browser/monitor/os setups without shunting content off in to the void. There’s not much you can do without diving into the CSS itself which isn’t recommended unless you really know what you’re doing.

    Sorry I can’t offer any “proper” help. Just an explanation for why things work the way they do.



    Apparently Hemingway is “semi” fixed width. I’d never noticed that before.

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