Changing “leave a comment” and Categories/Tags on Clean Home

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    Hello, We are trying to make the categories, tags, on our post show up at the bottom. They are set up to display under the title of the post. All we would like to have up top is the date, author, and leave a comment/number of comments.

    Also, we want to make the leave a comment/number of comments more noticeable. I have tried to change the font on the leave a comment to bold and a different color (again to make it stand out) but I cannot find the code to do that.

    Any help would be fantastic.

    The blog I need help with is


    The blog we need help with is


    Still looking for a way to get those categories and tags at bottom of post instead of top. Is this the code? Do I switch the vertical align to bottom?

    .hentry th,.hentry td {
    padding:5px 10px;


    hentry means post or page, th means table heading, and td means table data. So, no, the piece of CSS you pasted is irrelevant: controls the positioning of elements inside table cells in posts or pages.

    But I’m not good enough in CSS to answer your real question: only hallluke or thesacredpath can tell you.



    The meta section isn’t grouped in a way that makes your request possible, this is a feature of the theme which unfortunately means there is nothing we can do to change it.

    You can still make the “Leave a comment/X comments” link larger but this will only work in certain browsers:

    .post-meta a[href$="/#comments"], .post-meta a[href$="/#respond"] {font-size:1.455em;}

    Your other alternative is to move all the meta information to the bottom of the post which can be done with the following code, although you might want to adjust the spacing:

    .post {position:relative; margin-bottom:9em;}
    .post hr {display:none;}
    .post-meta {position:absolute; bottom:-7em;}

    Thank you. Halluke, I put the code to move the post meta section and it looks fantastic. Only problem is the share button is gone. Can this be fixed?

    You have no idea how much I appreciate all the help from everyone.


    Never mind on the share fix, the meta is going back up top. Sorry! I will be so happy when this template stuff is behind me!



    Sorry I didn’t check the single post view as well. This is likely to be a problem depending on how many categories and tags you use. The styling won’t know how many lines this will take up so you might need to increase the values to make sure that things fit even if you use loads of tags (which isn’t always a great idea).

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