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    I have determined the code for changing the color of links in my blog here:

    a,a:visited {

    The problem is that this also changes the color of links in my blogroll. On a previous theme I was able to isolate the code and change just the links in the text body without affecting the blogroll. I don’t see a solution in Enterprise. Can someone help?

    The blog I need help with is


    You have to specifically target the element that you want by including the selector for the parent element. What is required will vary from theme to theme as different theme designers do things differently.

    #content-left a, #content-left a:visited {
    color: #780000;


    Sorry, forgot the code tags.

    #content-left a, #content-left a:visited {
    color: #780000;

    That isolated the link in the body text (hooray, halfway there!) but the “Leave a Comment (Edit)” is still carrying the same color. I assume that is a ‘sibling’ of the link?

    This level of coding is over my head.


    The above changes all the links in the enterprise content area as far as I can see (categories, leave a comment, etc.). Change the color code temporarily to green to see what I mean. I just did it to one of my test blogs and all links in the content area changed.


    Correct. Is there any way to isolate the “Leave a Comment (Edit)” and the Categories and make them a different black? Basically, the only think I want to stand out in a different color are links in the body of my posts.


    Ah, now I see what you want.

    .post-comments a, span.categories a {
    color: #000000 !important;

    That works! Thank you so much!


    You are welcome.

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