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Changing Link color in Kubrick

  1. Good afternoon, everyone.
    I would like to rephrase and repost a question I previously asked yesterday, if I may. If possible, how can I change those blue links in the Kubrick theme to the color of my choice? I do have the paid upgrade but, obviously not a lot of experience. If you can't help, I understand, but if you can and just won't, please don't be condescending -- I'm trying to learn.

    Thanks for all and any help.

  2. Use this to change the colour of links:

    a {

    and this to change the colour of titles:

    h2 a {

    And please in future don't post twice (even with rephrasing) on the same subject.

    If you want to learn how to deal with css customization, this faq may be useful:

  3. Thank you.

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