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    No idea where to begin with this: never worked in css other than within a web-authoring software.
    Will some kind soul please tell me how I change the color of links text?

    The blog I need help with is



    Coraline is coded to display blue links with red as a hover color. When links are clicked they change from the blue color to black. See here


    Lord, timethief! – this is getting really tricky.
    I thought I’d done it: pasted the code into that opening box and all (replacing the colors with the one I wanted), and nothing happened.
    Is this stuff going to be simply too difficult for an oldie?
    I thought I was OK, having worked out how to recreate my blog on my own server and moved it: but this stuff …!



    I don’t help with CSS editing. Sorry.


    Then who does, for crying out loud?
    Doesn’t my posting the question in the forum mean I’m asking someone to help me?
    Where else should I go?



    I’m sorry. :( There is a Volunteer who helps with CSS editing from time to time. Technically the CSS ugrade comes with Staff support but one can review threads and see that their support is not usually delivered quickly.


    Then it looks very much as if I have just thrown away $30.
    Why you’re obliged to tell me that a VOLUNTEER helps from time to time will forever remain a mystery, as it’s a penny to a quid that your users need CSS help 24/7.
    Perhaps WordPress management might consider advising those thinking of purchasing customisation that there’s no point unless they’re right up there, IT knowledge-wise.



    I’m only a Volunteer and so is houstonweaver who is the person that helps with CSS editing that I referred to above. :(


    I’m not getting stuck in to you, timethief: I’m just totally frustrated by a ridiculous situation.
    However, you’ve now clarified for me that all of you are volunteers – that’s something learned.
    I’ve cancelled my customisation and will now wait for a bloody week to get a refund.
    In future, I shall ask about 10,000 questions BEFORE buying anything.
    Thank-you for your input.



    I feel so bad about this. :(

    I could have spilled my guts and stated exactly how I feel about this and why I refuse to purchase a CSS upgrade myself. In order to be hired as a Support Staff ie. Happiness Engineer “show us you CSS chops” is a requirement. Yet, when it comes to Staff delivering CSS support what we have seen is designsimply providing almost all of it and she not available very often as the CSS Forum threads clearly demonstrate. Both devblog and thesacredpath ie. Volunteers who delivered that support free of charge for years are on long term walk about. houstonweaver has stepped up to do some CSS helping now and justpi had given a hand with this or that now and then. Such is the situation at present and I’m kicking myself for not stating that before you spent your money. I do humbly apologize.


    Oh, no need – and your frankness is appreciated. I will get the refund, after all: it’s just a matter of time.
    I shan’t give up trying to find help for this business of changing the link text colour – might find someone on the web, who knows? If Panos were readily available somewhere, I’d be laughing.
    Sighh …


    I am going to work on yours next just to see if it is something I know anything about. It doesn’t seem like that long a wait to me. Shoot we wait days or weeks for a doctor appointment.

    Will slide over here when I finish the one I am on.

    Hey, we oldies can do a lot of things….


    We can, we can, houstonweaver – within limits.
    I mean, I know about css because I’ve built a site using Dreamweaver 8; but it’s so EASY to fix stylesheets within that …
    When the custom thingy was live on my PC (no longer!), I thought I was following the instructions in the link posted by timethief, but obviously I was not – absolutely zilch happened.
    I would be EVER so grateful for your input, m’dear – truly! And timethief would feel a whole lot better, too. ;-)
    I will once again order that customising doohickus if you’re able to tell me HOW TO USE IT! GRRRRRRrrrrrrr …
    OTY and I’ll piss off until hearing from you again, I promise.



    See here:
    If you don’t like the single theme that seems to fill your criteria, and you decide to order the upgrade again, I might make an exception to my usual policy and help you with the CSS editing.


    justpi to the rescue. I thank you.

    @mrstringer2012 – you are in far, far better hands than mine. I will hide and learn. I hope. I sometimes learn and then forget…


    So glad everyone is cross-referenced! :-)
    And so glad that all my postings in different areas have come together under the one banner – PANOS THE GREAT.
    houstonweaver, yer a star: it’s not everyone who would be so self-effacing.
    justpi, I’m going to order the damned thing again (you can’t imagine the confusion within my credit card files), and then … and then …
    Please, that is! – I don’t want you to think I’ve forgotten my manners.
    Because, I forgot to say, I really like Coraline, and I don’t really like Chateau; so I would really like to be able to play around with the colour of the hyperlinks – all of ’em, I mean. In Twenty 11 I’d change the image header, then change the title header and all links to match a colour I’d eyedrop from it.
    But the trouble with Twenty 11 is the Comments setup.
    Anyway: enough raving from me, we are all agreed.
    Panos, I go now to re-buy the customisation. After that, how do we get together on this?


    Am now sitting here tapping my fingers on the desktop …


    Jesus. This time it worked.
    Words fail. Didn’t do anything differently.
    Must’ve, I suppose. Give me strength. Getting old sucks.
    Panos, I still need help, though – if not a huge lot, it’s important! – how do I get into widgets to change font colour, please?



    Ah, if you ask about CSS you must be very precise! Font color of what? Widget titles, or plain text inside widgets, or links inside widgets?


    The lot.
    All three.

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