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    Three different colors? If so, paste this in the CSS editor:

    .wf-active .widget-title {
        color: #HEX;
    .textwidget, #subscribe-blog {
        color: #HEX;
    .widget-area ul ul a {
        color: #HEX;

    Replace each HEX with the hex number for the color you prefer. Good palettes here:

    Note: you’ll need to modify the above, if you wish to apply the same color to some other element as well.



    By the way, for the Stringers widget you now need a larger version of the image.


    Right. Got it. HEAPS of thanks, Panos!
    I have to learn to accept the concept of typing code into that window and saving it, and believing it’ll go to the right part of the css.
    Not used to it, of course.
    Είστε ένας άνθρωπος του είδους.
    How do I re-contact you with anything further? – do you keep a weather eye out on ‘your’ topics?



    @houstonweaver: Thanks for the compliment, but I don’t think I’m suggesting anything you don’t know!


    Oh – just noticed the little post about the travel site image.
    Okey dokey – can do. Just a matter of firing up the WinXP computer (that’s where I have to keep Corel PhotoPaint 10)…
    Thanks again!



    @mrstringer2012: You’re welcome!
    I keep an eye on all topics.


    In that case, next time I need help I’ll use strong and em both!
    That’ll be a yell for help, OK?
    Thanks to all three, in truth: I know I’m an irritating old fart.


    @panos/justpi I’m just a struggling neophyte with this stuff but enjoy the quest. I’m always relieved when you come along and provide the dimensions I failed to see.



    Hi all,

    First, I’m sorry that you felt ignored, mrstringer2012. That is not our intention at all. We Happiness Engineers can’t cover every single topic, and we do rely on our robust community to help each other out – and it looks like it worked in this particular situation!

    If you ever feel like you simply must have a reply from staff, your best bets are to tag your post “modlook” or to post in Staff Answers. Those are the queues we target first, and get the best coverage.

    To our tireless volunteers – thank you so much for all you do!


    Did I say that? – that I felt ignored?
    Didn’t mean it, if I did.
    And of course, I wasn’t: I had three of ’em helping me!
    But I’ve taken on board the point about tagging “modlook”, if one day they all feel they just can’t stand me another minute.



    You are very welcome, and a round of thanks to the volunteers as well!

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