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Changing logo - messes mine up!

  1. When i want to add my own custom logo I upload it from my PC, it then asks me to crop it, which I do. then when I view the final logo, for some reason it comes up differently from how I cropped it. It is the right size, but it is zoomed into the corner. Why is this and how can I fix it?

  2. Usually when this occurs the image being used as a header is not the correct size to begin with. It's also recommended that the image be optimised. The Contempt theme size is 750 pixels x 140 pixels. Information about optimizing is here
    I can't help with the other aspect of the logo being zoomed into the corner because I can't see what you mean.
    P.S. There is some loss of header image quality that can't be adjusted at this time.

  3. Thanks! I resized my logo to 750x140 and now it looks perfect!


  4. YAY! A happy blogger. :) Dig you know that the "www" in the url makes your url unavailable to many people and is redundant. As drmike says - ditch it!

  5. search engine spiders won't follow it either.

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