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Changing main content column in Chateau

  1. I purchased the CSS upgrade in order to change the main content area width, and I can't seem to find the place in the code to make the necessary tweak. Default to the theme, only 529 pixel widths are allowed for images, but I want to go up to 750 pixels. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The content width in Chateau is percentage based. It's the overall width minus 21%. It starts with a #page-inner width of 1000px. There are two ways to widen it: make the whole thing wider or keep the overall width and shift the margins so the content is wider and the sidebar is smaller.

    Here's an example for the first thing: making the whole thing wider and make the article area (including the date stuff on the left) 750px:

    #page-inner, #footer-inner, #copyright-inner {
    max-width: 1026px;

    Here's an example that makes the .post-entry part (just the content column) 750px:

    #page-inner, #footer-inner, #copyright-inner {
    max-width: 1361px;
  3. This was exactly what I needed--thank you!!!! Also, do you know how to change the code so that when you click on a category, only the post headline, first photo in post, and maybe a line or two of text appears?

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