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    I am trying to customize the appearance of my menu bar, the top menu to be exact. If it is seen now at, it has a black background with white text. What I want to achieve is something as shown on the image below:

    As for the sub menu, I’ve got the changes nailed down., so no help needed there.


    The blog I need help with is

    #890311 is currently using the Enterprise theme.

    What you’ll want to do is examine the original stylesheet for the theme you are using, Enterprise, and copy down all the rules from the “Nav” and “Nav Menu” section and then change out the background and color rules with colors you choose. Then delete any blocks you didn’t update and also delete any lines you didn’t update in the remaining blocks.

    Note that changes you make to that section will likely also affect the submenus in the Enterprise theme, so you’ll want to do the same steps again for the “Submenu” and “Submenu Nav” section from the theme stylesheet.



    I’ve tried changing the #Nav and .Nav, adding borders and changind background colors, but the menu does not take the appearance I want. I guess I am not editing properly key parts of the code. I will try to follow the link above and see what happens. Please do not close the thread in case I need more help.


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